Our laboratory is a thriving hub of innovation, where we blend the power of advanced sequencing techniques with sophisticated computational strategies, to better understand myeloid cell circuits. We are always looking for talented and motivated people at all levels (undergraduate, technician, graduate student, and postdoc) and from all backgrounds (such as engineering, physics, applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science). We currently have openings at the graduate students, and postdoctoral fellow levels. Please reach out to Jiekun (Jackie) Yang (jackie.yang@rutgers.edu) if interested in applying.

Apply Now

If you are interested in joining the Yang Lab of Computational and Systems Biology, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application form (https://forms.gle/XocuNR9fV8r8b5DX8).
  2. Email your CV and list of publications to jackie.yang@rutgers.edu.


Ph.D. applicants interested in joining us at Rutgers, consider applying through Molecular Biosciences (our lab's page), Quantitative Biomedicine, or MD/PhD programs. Indicate your interest in our lab during the application process. Once admitted, please contact Jackie to arrange lab rotation timelines and projects.